1/1 NFT minted on Rarible


LorenLoren Kronemyer


In Cryptic Female Choice, contemporary artist Loren Kronemyer has minted one of her ova as an NFT. Her unique ovum is now permanently bound in three shifting economies: cryptocurrency, reproductive labor, and art.

Cryptic Female Choice refers to adaptations that allow female animals to exercise power over which sperm fertilize their eggs, even when the act of copulation is involuntary. Examples of cryptic female choice include the ability to stop ovulation, the ability selectively destroy sperm, and the ability to direct unwanted partners to mate with decoy reproductive organs.



Q: What is your project Cryptic Female Choice?

Cryptic Female Choice is a new project where I am experimenting concepts of value and mortality through a series of hybrid digital and physical artworks in a URL and IRL exhibition. As part of this body of work I have minted one of my ova as an NFT.

Q: What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a unique and collectible digital artwork that is permanently inscribed on the public ledger of the blockchain. This ledger tracks the ownership of each NFT, verifying the chain of custody of each one-of-a-kind asset for all to see. Although anyone can view and save a digital image, forging an NFT is impossible. NFTs can also be redeemable for physical goods.

Q: Aren't NFTs lame and bad for the environment?

Every financial transaction has a carbon footprint, and NFTs are no different. The transactions that occurs on the blockchain consume large amounts of energy, which equates to a high volume of carbon in today's power grid - about 15 times that of mailing a standard art print, or equivalent to roughly two hours of air travel. I take this cost very seriously, which is why I am minting the most rare, one-of-a-kind, and valuable thing that I can as an NFT. This will allow me to limit my lifetime transactions in this art-form. This is not single-use, disposable art.

Q. Why are you making an NFT?

Having an NFT will help carry on my legacy. Many people my age are making NFTs, and I want to join them while I am still in my prime. I know there are a lot of NFTs, and not all of them are great, but my one will be different and special. I believe this NFT can help take care of me when I'm older. It's human nature to want to make an NFT.